About us

Malaysian company established in 1983 by Mr. Sam Law Headquartered in the Philippines and industrial in Malaysia It has branches around 30 countries in the world Producer of health food supplements It operates according to the multilayer network marketing system Specialized in the elimination of diseases such as colon. Acidity of the stomach. Obesity. Diseases of poverty. Age diseases such as high cholesterol, skin problems, weak immune insomnia and others Certified ISO 2200: 2005, the International Organization for Quality and Control Organization issued from Geneva, Switzerland. The company obtained a Halal certificate. This is a certificate stating that the list of products below carries the halal condition away from any additions prohibited by Islam GMP certified is part of a quality assurance system that ensures that products are constantly produced and monitored in compliance with quality standards and specifications. Food safety certificate As part of its group of companies, the company has a huge factory that produces natural consumer goods that are beneficial to human health Edmark is a leading health and beauty company that cares about public health away from chemicals and herbs that may harm your health. Our products are dietary supplements concerned with many aspects of health.